About Us

In October 2002, this cleaning utensils company was pioneered with the brand "NAGOYA". It began as a home industry with only 5 workers and 2 type of products and limited market.

As months went by, we tried to offer our products to some traditional markets just around our area, West Java. We were very grateful that we were supported and trusted by our consumers because of our earnestness, determination, commitment, and service. In 2,5 years the company had improved rapidly that our home industry was no longer sufficient and we had to move to a bigger location.

In mid-2005, the company was moved to a 700 m2 warehouse complex, with 30 employees, about 15 type of products, and the whole Java as the market. We kept striving among the high competitions, especially for the mop products. We pay a lot of attentions to the quality of our products, our service, and new innovation. As a result, our products are now recognized widely in Indonesia (not only in Java).

In July 2008, our company started to be known as PT. BENLI INDONESIA. In 2011, its 9th year, our company had grown to be a big company with more than 100 employees, and the factory had been enlarged to 5000 m2. Now in 2018, we have 37 products and sold roughly 2 millions various kinds of products each months, with the help of high-technology machineries from Europe. Our raw materials are high quality and are imported, roughly 7 containers a month; thus we are confident in our quality.

We are very grateful for the numerous blessings that our company has received and the full trust from all customers all over Indonesia that contribute to the success of NAGOYA products, and all the support and hard work from all the employees of PT.BENLI INDONESIA.


Productions Every Month


Cities Distributed All Over Indonesia


High Technology Automatic Machineries

Why Choose Us?

The Best Qualities

Using the highest technology automatic machineries from Europe, which require highest quality raw materials (such as plastics and filaments) to work properly; thus, creating the best products.

The Best Services

Customer is king and their satisfactions are the important elements that makes a company successful, therefore PT. Benli Indonesia has always been recruiting the best human resources to satisfy customers

The Most Innovative

As the competition is getting tighter, therefore PT. Benli Indonesia has always been striving to create the most innovative products that keep us up to date with the recent trend, to dominate Indonesia and International market.